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Darren Albrighton. With over two decades of hair dressing knowledge and a Colouring Degree making him an L`Oreal colour specialist, this places Darren with some of the Elite in the business. Darren is also fully trained in Raccoons Hair Extensions. “I believe your hair is your ultimate fashion accessory giving style and confidence to both men and women. I think the perfect style cut or colour for a client is the ultimate reward as a stylist”.

Karen Devlin. With 23 years Industry experience Karen is one of a handful of Colourist in N.Ireland to have graduated as an L`Oreal Colour Specialist. Karen also worked as a Technical consultant for L’Oreal training other salons around Northern Ireland up on L’Oreal’s new colour range, Inoa. Now teaching Part-time and working in the Salon Karen has taken on another challenge to work as an ID Artist for L`Oreal. “Working as an ID Artist is a 2 year training and development programme that is in Partnership with Central Saint Martins. Being a follower of fashion I believe that this Educational opportunity to be trained up by the biggest names could only inspire me further. I will then have the chance to present L’Oreal’s new collections in their Catwalk showcase around the UK”.

Jody Devlin. With 23 years Industry experience Jody has worked with L’Oreal as a session stylist which entailed travelling around the uk and catching up the the latest trends just of the catwalks.

Jody draws a lot of his creative inspiration from Vidal Sassoon working his cuts with precision and passion. “We all have peers in our Industry that influence us, to me Vidal Sassoon changed British Hairdressing when he himself was influenced by Architecture and started creating angular haircuts on women like Twiggy and Mary Quant.” Precision haircuts can show hairdressers true technical ability and the haircut will always flow with any movement of the head. Jody is also one of the few Irish hairdressers who are in the fellowship of British Hairdressers and the Northern Ireland Representative for the Hairdressing Council.

Artistic team Lisa McCullough. Lisa has been working at Rogue for seven years progressing from a Trainee to a Stylist and has continued to develop her skills in all aspects of hairdressing through in-house and advanced training courses such as Creative Colour and Red Carpet Hair. Lisa would also be trained by L`Oreal twice a year in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections keeping her fully up to date with all the current trends and techniques.